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Mineral Resource Evaluation and Reporting

The RVN Group team has a vast knowledge and experience in resource estimation, and produces robust studies that are reported in accordance with the main international codes JORC, SAMREC or NI43-101. The Mineral Resource personnel are recognised in the mining industry for their competitive technical knowledge, independence, excellent client relationships, and for their contributions in the research and development of resource geology. We conduct complete resources studies, from data quality evaluation, 3D modeling through resource estimation to technical reporting. RVN Group uses 3D-packages, standard within the industry, to process and generate mathematical models from exploration and mining results. Resource estimation (from data evaluation to geostatistical studies and 3D modeling) is completed using the best available geostatistical tools. Reporting of the Mineral Resource follows the guidelines of the main international codes JORC, SAMREC or NI43-101.:

RVN Group puts emphasis on the review of the drilling data, through onsite audits of QAQC and sampling procedures, drilling practices and geological models. Our resource geologists, as well as our associates, have applicable experience in a number of commodities and deposit types.

  • Reporting
  • Technical reports are compiled following the guidelines of JORC, SAMREC or NI43-101.
  • Resources Audit
  • Independent Data Assessment
  • Due Diligence
  • Data Quality Evaluation
  • Drillholes Database Audit
  • Review of Drilling Practices
  • 3D Modeling and Statistical Analysis
  • 3D Geological Modelling
  • Geostatistical and Statistical Analysis
  • Resource Modelling

Exploration Geology

The RVN Group team has high regard for safety, and has exploration experience on different commodities and terrains in Africa. The following services are offered:

Professional Training

The transmission of knowledge is of paramount significance to the RVN Group. Tuned to your needs, the RVN Group geologists are highly skilled, and make available the most suitable solutions for your situation. Dynamic professional trainers will train your staff using time-honoured educational methods, developing professional training courses in relation to expert teaching consultants. Four main themes are developed by the RVN Group:

• Exploration • Drilling • Resources • Grade Control

Environmental Studies

RVN Group cares about the environment and has a dedicated team of environmental and social scientists to deliver the best possible solutions to our clients’ projects. Where necessary, specialists (associates) are commissioned for specialized assignments. The following services are provided by the RVN Group:

  • Environmental Management Plan (EMP),
  • Scoping Studies,
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA),
  • Liaison with relevant government departments, water users and other external stakeholders,
  • Baseline Environmental Risk Assessments.

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